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Water cycle

Water cycle

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Water cycle

The water cycle is a process that water goes between land and sea also the atmosphere. The water cycle doesn’t start or stop it goes on forever and keeps getting recycled.

Water covers probably 70% of earth. The other 30% is land. Heat from the sun hits the water and then creates Evaporation with her turns into gas and goes into the clouds. Evaporation is a vapor. Energy from the sun turns the water into vapor. Evaporation is invertible so you can’t see what is happening. Condensation and Precipitation are both parts of the water cycle, Evaporation creates Condensation and Precipitation.

Condensation  and Precipitation are both the coldest parts of the water cycle. Condensation is just like steam say you have a pot on the stove put a clear lid on it. After awhile take of the lid and see the Condensation. Condensation is the stuff that you see on your window when your house is warm and it's cold outside it turns into Consideration. Precipitation is pretty much just rain,hail,snow and sleet. So it is mostly cold weather. The water heads down a hill into the river that is called runoff and groundwater.

Runoff comes from the mountains and groundwater comes from the runoff. Only 35% of runoff ends up at sea and ocean the other 65% is talkin by dirt. The water from the mountains heads to the rivers and makes runoff,runoff is what we drink. Groundwater is what we drink but the people who supplies the water clean it so we can drink it and so we don’t get sick.

The water cycle is very important if there was no water cycle we wouldn’t be alive right now to tell you this.

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