Monday, 20 February 2017

Peer Mediation Training 1

Peer Mediation Training 15/2/17 

This week we had peer mediation training and I got 3 badges and Savannah wanted one so I gave her one so now I have 2. So she split up into groups and she asked the year 8's to stand and peer up and I got peered up with Hailey and in our group we had Hailey, Shavannah, Izzy and Logan P. We talked about what a turtle a shark a teddy a fox and an owl, that was fun. Then we got some cards to mach up to the animals and we got 25 off 30 cards right. After we watched some videos of peer mediators and talked about what we we thought they did right. The leadership trait i showed is Trustworthy because I was relied upon by the teacher. 

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