Friday, 13 May 2016

Buddy Program

We had to teach some little kids what a habitat was

Group members: Anneke & Brook

WALT: understand about different habitats

Introduction (How will we introduce the book or use the book?)
5 minutes
We are going to show them a animal on the screen and they have to try and be it then we are going to ask them we does it live
Main part of the lesson (What questions will we ask the students? What activity will they do?)
15 minutes

We are going to show them a slide 
here is the slide we used Slide                                                                                               

[there is an update ever week and you can see the plan for the next week]
Conclusion (How will we end our lesson?)
5 minutes

They are going to do coloring


We think they listened very well and contributed well to the conversation.
The thing that surprised us is liked learning where animals live.
Next time we will organise more animals to teach them about.
We showed the learner quality of resilient by not giving up

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