Friday, 13 May 2016

Short story

  Narrative: Short Story Planning template              
  Name: Brook.R
Who is your main character and what are they like?

What is the setting?
Kim is a good girl she has two sisters a cat and 2 dogs she loves her dog.her dog Is called Mimi.her sisters names are Selena and Taylor. Kim is 15 years old.her birthday is 17 June and now it is the 7th of June 10 days to go.

Her house,school and the pretty lake.
What happens to the main character?
Kim gets hurts buy one of her friends

What is the conflict? with others, with themselves, or with nature?
Kim gets hurt by one of her best friends Jessica. Jessica steel’s Kim's popularity and.almost steel's Kim's best friend Gemma but does not end up stealing Gemma cause Gemma never liked Jessica in the first place.In the end Kim gos to the lake and wish-is everything back to normal but something happened’s.   

With others and Nature.
How is the conflict resolved? What will the ending be?
By Kim wishing everything back to normal on the wishing lake

Here is a link to my short story

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