Friday, 10 March 2017

Buddy Program 2

Buddy Program 10/3/17

This week Tash and I did Buddy Program and we wore planning here is our plan. Next week we are going to play the games on the planning sheet. The leadership trait i showed is Goal focused because I was focused on getting all of this done in a short amount of time.

Information about the Year 1 Unit

Introduction (Reading)
To introduce students to the concept of animal habitats, read them a book such as "My Very First Book of Animal Homes," by Eric Carle or the "Animal Homes Lap Book," by Jodene Lynn Smith. Make sure that students understand how different animals live in different habitats and ask them to guess which habitats common animals live in, such as whales or fish (water/ocean), monkeys or birds (rainforest/trees), etc.

Explain to students that animals have different homes that they live in. Set out two boxes, one with a photo of an ocean and one with a photo of a rainforest. Then give each student the picture of an animal, all of which live in either the ocean or in the rainforest, and ask them to place their animal into the appropriate box. Possible pictures include those of whales, seals, fish, octopi, sharks, monkeys, toucans, tigers, and jaguars. Students should be able to differentiate between animals that make their homes in the water and those that make their homes in trees and on dry land.

Group members: Brook and Tash

WALT: I can effectively teach juniors about Games without equipment

Introduction (How will we introduce the book or use the book?)
We will tell them the game we are playing and the rules. Our first game will be Rats and rabbits and then over under and the kid's are good they can choose but if they can’t agree then we will play tricky tag.
Main part of the lesson (What questions will we ask the students? What activity will they do?)
15 minutes
Play the games and we will playing are
  1. Rats and rabbits.
  2. Under over.
  3. Free choice (Let the kids choose)
  4. Or tricky tag if the kids can’t agree.
Conclusion (How will we end our lesson?)
5 minutes
We will tell them how good they were and maybe let them chose a game if we have time. (let's hope they are good)

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