Monday, 20 March 2017

C2. Give to your family: Prepare 3 formal three course meals including the menu, cooking and presentation of the meal

C2. Give to your family: Prepare 3 formal three-course meals including the menu, cooking and presentation of the meal.

For the starter, I made garlic bread and the first step was to...
get the butter and crushed garlic and put the butter is the microwave for 20 seconds and we tried crushing it but it was too hard so we put it in for 10 more seconds and then added some crushed garlic and mixed. After we made the garlic butter we cut the bread and put the butter and then cooked it for 5 minutes and then we ate it it was yum.

For the main course, we made Mac and Cheese the first step was to... 
The ingredients we used were Milk, bacon, flour, red onion, butter, macaroni and cheese. The resources we use were- knife, chopping board, frying pan and two pots. the first thing we did was get one of the pans and filled it with water and set it to 7 degrees. Then we chopped the butter and put it in one of the pots and melted it 7 degrees and then cut up the bacon and put it in the frying pan and also cut up the onion in the pan and set it to 5 degrees. 
After we add the milk to the butter and could not stop storing for longer than 20 seconds (my arms got tired). Then we added the macaroni to the hot water and stored the water and kept and eye on everything. After we finished making it we tipped it into a bowl and my mum stored it so it wouldn't go everywhere.
I was first finished (yum)
Then we made dessert and it was divine. We made a 60-second dessert there were 3 steps 1 mix we mixed the milk with the chocolate, 2 Heat we put it in the microwave for 60-seconds and the 3rd step was to eat and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!

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